Rogue man. Rogue complex.


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Rogue man. Rogue complex.
Good evening. I want to contact you with a situation in order to get an answer and advice to a question that interests me. Thank you very much in advance. I am 21 years old, I do not intend to praise myself outwardly, but I am a blonde with bright eyes, a figure, good healthy hair, skin, and so on. I graduated from college, I do not plan to continue to study. I have been working since the age of 15. Starting last year, I seriously began to think about serious relationships: marriage, children, and so on. I only had 1 in my teens, but very serious ones that led to this. And of course now I'm waiting for the same. But! I constantly (not all, BUT MANY) come across those who want only one thing from a girl, and without obligations. And yes, I am a virgin, for me it is a taboo, at least before the wedding. Those who do not have money, the corresponding worldview, I consider them to be beggars. A poor person for me is a state of mind. They want to take something for nothing, there is little to talk about with them: about culture, history, and so on. I do not have cosmic requests in the form of expensive restaurants and bouquets of a thousand peonies. But at least you can afford McDonald's and some roses. Why do girls with more modest external data have it, but I don’t? I do not require a millionaire, there are simply people with an income above average. In my nation and culture, it is so accepted that a man should fully provide for a woman, and I think this is correct. But my Mother married a man of other views and level. And I don’t want to repeat the parental scenario: I don’t want minibuses, get up early, all the joys of life - someday later, just survive. Fortunately, now the situation is much better, and that is why I do not want to repeat this scenario myself, to slide down to this bottom. And degrade. I repeat, I don’t aim at some millionaire, and I myself am well aware that you need to be at that level: both externally and as a person. But what is wrong with me, why even if they are not my type, they give gifts (at least for little things) to acquaintances and others, but they immediately demand a bed from me, and do not want to invest? And I really want a family and children, and give myself to that one. I do not hold a course for a millionaire, but I consider myself worthy of a man, at least with earnings above average. And yes, I’m the same age, I’m not interested in older people, and money can be earned at any age, especially now: in the age of tiktok, cryptocurrencies, and so on. Thanks for the advice.


That is, you need a young and rich? It can be arranged, but such people need to be looked for by remarkable efforts of the will. Try to interview your friends, maybe you will find some interesting company.

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"Now in the age of the Internet, you can earn very well, it's a matter of desire." - here go - and earn. And do not try to sit on someone else's neck.

Look for a person of your nation and culture who shares your views. Surely there are online communities ("fellowships"), where people of the same nation are added. As for the question, what is wrong with you - it's hard to say without knowing you personally. It is quite possible that everything is so, it's just that most guys are just looking for a non-committal affair and offer it to all the girls - and suddenly it will work out with someone. Men don't bother trying to understand the intentions of a particular girl, they just bend their line, and that's it. Why are friends more fortunate? Here is an important point - where they met their halves. Most often, they get acquainted at school and in the companies of mutual friends, thus they select their equals with similar views, which is why everything adds up.

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...Nice men are not all willing to invest because. because of their external data, they are given "just like that" and they can still pay extra if they fail. But there are honest ones who do not descend to the level of a gigolo. and you won’t work, well, or a programmer - 2 options. The rest is not right, then you’ll be convinced, well, maybe there are exceptions)) but I wouldn’t attach any importance to them, you’ll be like a driven horse.

>> I'm not heading for a millionaire, but I consider myself worthy of a man, at least with earnings above average. >> at least McDonald's and some roses you can afford, so McDonald's is available just for average earnings. The fact that they don’t take you anywhere means only that you yourself choose such people somewhere in a certain place. Try to be in other places.

you have a mess in your head. a guy at 21 with an income above average is a major with dad's money. it makes no sense for him to mess with a virgin and start a family, he is hung with whores and has everything he wants. including sex. and children are a burden for him and the danger that older people will divorce you for alimony means that you are really focused not on family, but on entertainment. for the family is a household, not entertainment

With such requests you will suffer a lot. Come down from heaven to earth.

Just a consumer.l...

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